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Hor d' oeuvres Menu 2


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Hor d’oeuvres Menu (50 Servings)

Bruschetta $130.00
Garlic croutons top with concassed tomatoes, garlic, mozzarella cheese, and basil, extra Virgin olive oil and balsamic glaze.

Mac Bites Balls $110.00
Bites of smoked gouda mac deep fried.

Three Cheese Grit Bites $120.00
Bites of three cheese grits deep-fried.

Caprese Skewers $120.00
Mozzarella wrapped in basil with heirloom tomatoes on a wooden skewer.

Cheese Platter $160.00
Assortment of cheese

Crudité Platter $120.00
Vegetable Platter

Crudite Skewered Platter $140.00
Vegetable Platter w/ skewers

Fruit Platter $140.00
Fruit Platter

Fruit Skewered Platter $160.00
Fruit Platter w/ skewers

Down South Eggroll $100.00
Pineapple braised collards deep fried in egg roll.